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Medina Dates

1 Wicked Sugar 500 EGP1 premium wet sugar 500g1 Ajwa Al Madina Dates 500 EGP1 braided date 500 EGP1 liquid tahini 350g..
93.00 ر.س
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1 سكر مفتل 1000ج1 سكري مبروم 1000ج1 تمر مجدول المدينة 1000ج1 تمر صقعي 1000ج1 تمر عجوة المدينة 1000ج..
193.00 ر.س
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Ajwa Al Madinah 500G Ajwa Al Madinah 500G
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Ajwa Al-Madina 1000 g Ajwa Al-Madina 1000 g
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Al Madinah Ajwa Dates 3 kg Al Madinah Ajwa Dates 3 kg
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Ajwa Al Madina Dates from Violin has a soft texture and a delicious flavor that melts in the mouth. Wonderfully tasty and makes you want to eat more. It has a mildly sweet and smooth taste and is an excellent source of fiber and potassium.It is an ideal choice for enjoying with friends and fami..
149.00 ر.س
Ex Tax:129.57 ر.س
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